Xpressbillerz excels at medical billing because that is all we
do! Our team of reimbursement specialists stay current with the
ever-changing claim submission requirements. This relieves your
staff of the time consuming chore of medical billing. We update
you on the latest government regulations and provide the tools
to assist your office with compliance.

What do medical billing services do?
Medical billing
encompasses, for the most part, all billing and accounts
receivable management functions of a given health care
practice. The major objective is accurately submitting claims and
patient statements to receive the correct reimbursement for
services rendered in the shortest amount of time.

We specialize in Behavioral Health Billing.


Outsourcing is a common practice when it comes to medical
billing.  Enjoy private practice again; no more billing worries!  

Reasons for the sudden increase in outsourcing generally are
initiated to achieve some of the following benefits:

Improving company focus
Protecting against technological obsolescence
Reducing users responsibility
Gaining access to world-class capabilities
Accelerating the benefits of re-engineering
Freeing non-capital resources
Making capital funds available
Reducing operating costs
Improving technical expertise

Behavioral Health Billing Service
End billing nightmares and headaches, let
our experts help. Free your time for your
clients.  We can clear up outstanding
insurance balances and provide services
that are customized for seamless integration
with your current office procedures.  Also,
24-hour access to patient account records
through the internet if desired.

Contact us now at
(877) 805-2699 to
arrange for billing services and enjoy a
stress-free payment process.